Are you one of the 1 in 3 Scots with mental health difficulties?

The Mental Health Care Collective offers accessible specialist treatment and support to people affected by mental health difficulties.




Are you one of the 1 in 3 Scots with mental health difficulties?

The Mental Health Care Collective offers accessible support and specialist treatment to people affected by mental health difficulties.

We are a team of mental health professionals and experts by lived experience, working collectively as a social enterprise.

  • We help individuals improve their mental health
  • We help families and partners to support those they love
  • We support other professionals and services involved in mental health
  • We specialise in eating and body image problems

Care options

Your individual needs will not be the same as the next person, so why should your treatment?

Our practice is grounded in evidence-based treatments, but we also understand that evidence must be applied flexibly, to work for each person.

AssessmentsGetting to know you

Assessment just means talking to you about your difficulties and your life story, before making a plan with you about what care options would be helpful. This will be done by an experienced mental health professional. You can share as much or as little information by email beforehand as you wish.

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Psychological Therapy

Psychological Therapy is likely to be the main care option for most people. This involves 60 minute appointments, usually once a week.

Engaging with you in a respectful non-judgemental and compassionate way is always our aim, to establish a relationship between us and you that feels trusting, secure and professional.

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A psychiatric diagnosis or medication may or may not be an important part of your care pathway. Similarly, physical health problems may or may not be important to your mental health problems. Dr Calum Munro is the consultant psychiatrist in the care collective and will provide psychiatric and physical health input as needed.

Find out more about Psychiatric treatment 

SupportSupport work

Support work involves the same focus on respectful non-judgemental compassionate care and establishing a trusting professional care relationship.

It may be face-to-face in the consulting room, at the patient’s home or out & about. Support can be delivered through emails, telephone or by video-conference.

Support work may play a role in your pathway at the beginning, middle or the end of support from the Care Collective.

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Friends, family and partner supportHelping support those you love

People may not identify themselves as ‘carers’ and those experiencing mental health problems are not always comfortable seeing partners, relatives or friends as their ‘carers’. However, mental health difficulties usually have a big impact on those close to the person affected.

The care collective provides support to carers with the aims of increasing understanding, building skills to support your loved one and supporting care for yourself.

Find out more about Friends, family and partner support

Additional treatment optionsEveryone is different

You may need a different care option to what we routinely offer. We will try to direct you to a different or additional treatment option, if we can’t provide this ourselves.

Find out more about Additional Treatment Options

Services for Professionals

Professionals working in many fields find themselves helping people with mental health problems.

We aim to use our broad expertise as a group to offer support, advice and training services to such professionals.

ReflectiveReflective Practice 

We can establish and facilitate reflective practice groups for professionals. Such groups can support a team of professionals to reflect on the emotional impact of their work, improve their self-care and their practice, and help with managing conflicts.

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PsychotherapyPsychotherapy Supervision

Supervision for trained counsellors or psychological therapists is available. We have particular expertise in Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Schema-Therapy. We have extensive experience of supervision for therapists treating patients with eating disorders.

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Service design and devlopmentService Design

The Care Collective has experience of developing mental health services, in particular multi-disciplinary community services, especially for people with Anorexia Nervosa. Support for service planning and for staff training can be provided.

Find our more about Service Design and Development

mental health trainingMental Health Training

The Care Collective can bring a wide range of expertise to training others about mental health. Lived experience will be combined with clinical expertise and many years of teaching experience within the collective, to deliver tailored training responsive to the needs of the participants.

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Our Team

We are a collective of professionals and people with lived experience who share a passion and commitment to reaching people experiencing mental ill-health in Scotland.

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Seeking help for a mental health condition can be a big first step. We’ve tried to answer many of the questions that people ask. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us and we’ll be happy to talk it through.

Please get in touch by email on:

Because we are a small team we cannot always answer calls. Email allows us to be sure we don’t miss you and end up with frustrating and time consuming back and fore for all of us.

Our rate is £100/hr for mental health professional appointments and £35/hr for support work. See the fees page for more detail here.

We are not an emergency service. Click here for emergency care information. We will always seek to offer appointments as quickly as possible.