Accessible  Specialist Treatment and Support

Support work

Support work will be delivered by the care collectives experts by lived experience (ELE) or assistant psychologists (AP).  Some people may find contact with an ELE or an AP to talk through their difficulties is the easiest way for them to engage with help initially and overcome barriers such as stigma. If requested, two ELE or AP appointments by telephone or video-conference can be set-up before an assessment with a mental health professional.

Support work by an ELE or AP, aimed at working on improving quality of life and managing practical problems, is one option. For example this may be about building confidence in everyday social situations; or it may be about problem solving to help tackle money or housing problems. Another focus of work could be for supporting specific aspects of behavioural change which you are struggling to achieve, for example change to eating habits.

Support work may play a role in your pathway at the beginning, middle or the end of support from the Care Collective.

support work