Accessible  Specialist Treatment and Support


As a social enterprise the MHCC is seeking to provide care at the lowest cost whilst still generating profit to fund reduced fee care for those who need this.*  All profit is spent to benefit those affected by mental health difficulties. So if you can afford to pay, not only will we do our best to help you, but you can be confident your fees are contributing to helping others get the mental health care they need.

*Please noteDuring our first year of business in 2018-2019, before we have generated a profit, we are unable to offer reduced rate fees.

The rate for care delivered by any of our qualified specialist mental health professionals is £100/hr.  Appointments covered by health insurance are charged at £115/hr because of additional administration costs. Care delivered by experts by lived experience or assistant psychologists is charged at a £35/hr fee.

The first assessment appointment is usually for 90 minutes, at £150. Further assessment appointments are usually 60 minutes in length, at £100 each.

Therapy appointments are 60 minutes in length, at £100 each. After the psychotherapy assessment is complete your therapist will give you an idea of how many sessions of therapy they recommend, but this may change as the therapy process develops.

The psychiatric care required as part of a care package will be quite varied depending on the nature of your difficulties. The fees are £100 per hour as with all other professionals.

Individual patient support work is provided by experts by experience or assistant psychologists, at a £35/hr fee.

Individual or couple ‘carer’ support work may be delivered by a mental health professional or an expert by experience. The rate applied will be £100/hr or £35/hr respectively.

Group ‘carer’ support work will be delivered by mental health professionals, but given the group setting, at a fee of £25/hr.

Private organisations are charged at £120/hr. For public sector organisations the rate is £100/hr. For third sector organisations we offer a reduced rate of £50/hr.

When you make contact with us we will send you our terms and conditions document, this gives our bank details for BACS payments, as here:

Account name:                 Mental Health Care Collective

Bank:                                  The Cooperative Bank

Sort code:                          08-92-99

Account number:             65860971

This is our preferred means of payment. We ask for payment in advance of your first assessment appointment, but invoice you monthly thereafter. Direct card payments can be made as an alternative means of payment. We cannot accept cash payments.