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Accessible  Specialist Treatment and Support


The care collective aims to collaborate with other social enterprises, third sector, public bodies and academics, on work to benefit people affected by mental health problems, in particular eating disorders. Collaborating with others for the greater good is part of the social enterprise ethos.

SEDIG is the Scottish Eating Disorders Interest Group charity. We presented a talk on understanding and caring for someone with an eating disorder. You can read our slides from this talk here SEDIG carers talk 2018.

Calum Munro and Sara Preston are presenting at the Beat Frontline conference in Birmingham in November 2018, also about ways carers can best support their loved ones with eating disorders.

Lucy Corbett and Calum Munro presented about intensive home treatment for Anorexia Nervosa at the Beat Eating Disorders International Conference (EDIC 2018) in London. This has led to work supporting Beat in their efforts to campaign for greater provision of intensive home treatment services for people with eating disorders. You can read our slides from these conference presentations here:

Calum Munro collaborated with Prof Rab Houston, a historian and expert on the history of mental health care, to produce a podcast about myths and misunderstandings about eating disorders, in historical context. You can access the podcast on the here.

We are currently working with Beat (The UK’s Eating Disorder Charity) to provide training on eating disorders and mental health to coaches in athletics clubs, as part of Scottish Athletics programme for athlete welfare.

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