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Accessible  Specialist Treatment and Support

James’s pathway

‘James’ is a 29 year old who developed depression and anxiety, triggered by the death of his dad and a change in his job role. He had been on sick leave and was largely isolating himself from friends and family.

James was referred to the MHCC by his GP with a letter, after he had learned of the waiting time for NHS therapy treatment and asked about alternatives. He was motivated to get back to work having struggled initially with the stigma of having a mental health problem and instinctively withdrawing and avoiding speaking to people about his problems. He attended for two face-to-face assessment appointments, after which a plan for weekly therapy for 10 sessions was developed. James engaged well in therapy and was quickly able to make changes, and began to feel better. He had 2 sessions online whilst he was visiting his family, which allowed connection to be maintained and healthy re-engagement with others to be supported.

After 10 sessions a plan for a further block of 10 sessions was made. However, after just 3 more sessions James returned to work and felt he had made enough progress to stop therapy. We supported James’s decision and encouraged him in getting on with his life, with slight misgivings about whether he’d had enough support to make the changes he needed, and therefore leaving the door open to getting in touch again if there were ‘bumps in the road’ he felt he needed help to navigate. His care pathway was short, but did what he needed.